Growing Up

This weekend we escaped!!  Friends of ours was holding a pig picking and we were commanded to show up, which we did. You just don’t tell her “no” without having a damn good reason to. So Emy was “exposed” to normal people and ever grubbier kids.  I am watching her carefully for any signs of infections. I don’t trust her lungs and her immunity at all. Here’s to hoping that sunshine and fresh air can do some good.

Daddy thinks I’m being overprotective. way.  How can you not be overprotective of that little cherubic face?
I don’t know but he thinks I am. OK I admit it. I worry myself senseless. I don’t want her to have any more problems. She’s had more than her fair share of them.

Oh but she loved it. Didn’t cry or winne, instead she was actively looking around and smiling. We had arrived just about her active eating time and just spent the afternoon sitting in shade breathing in the belly rumbling aroma of fresh roasted pork.  She drank her bottle and chewed on daddy’s fingers like a rib bone. She took to the stroller good. She sit up fairly straight and every so often she’ll lean to the side.

I’m loving the stroller I have. It’s nice and big, can hold her monitor, diaper bag and my purse. The amazing part is it holds the diaper bag. Now days all I ever see is these new bags that just hold a tiny amount, no bigger than my purse!. My diaper bag holds three times the amount.  But, it took me awhile to find that deep roomy bag.

I know she had a great time yesterday. I had wore my hair down which I rarely do. Today when I was adjusting my hair, it fell down like it was at the party. And she lit up in a radiant smile. It so adorable, she looked so surprised and happy. I think she remembered the day before, or she really want to pull hair again. She’s been a bit sleepy today. I think she’s teething still and I know we wore her out the day before. She slept so good last night.


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