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Some days I surprise myself. I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut on some of the Parenting fourms that I frequent and am a member to. Can you tell that I don’t post there a lot because of my mouth? Well Yea, I keep it shut because at times I would just breakout out in a total fit. Somethings that I read just get me going. So much for the beauty of inner strength.

So what this time? Cloth Diapers.

Most mommas have heard of them especially in crunchy circles which I barely qualify for. The most I’ve ever scored on the Crunchy Quiz isSprinkled with Granola, the only saving grace I had is in using herbs and cloth diapering. But I think I deserve more points for the diapers I use. I’m an old fashioned kind of gal. I use flat folds and prefolds and I’m just getting to making fitted diaper and covers.  I even use diaper pins and the only problem I’ve ever had is sticking myself instead!  It’s not very challenging to pin a diaper, not even if it is a squirming toddler. Two fingers under and pin through, hopefully between wiggles. Teaching her to be still and raise legs on command is another issue.

I get really upset when the Crunches disparage my beloved Gerber prefolds. The claims that I read..the distraught that I see…all the bad mouthing about Birdseye cloth…and all I can think is you really must have let your child wee wee that diaper more than twice, or it wasn’t prewashed a few times. Cloth diapers just don’t hold as much as a disposable. They don’t hide the moisture like a AIO or a waterproof cover. They can be leekly..duh they are cloth. The whole point is to not let your child sit in the wee, which requires frequent changing. I don’t understand anyone’s complaints with the old fashioned diapers. Are they afraid to play with the folds? I learned a few folds that work best for me and I haven’t seen them featured on websites. I’ve even figured out some good ways to double diaper for night time without too much bulk. All with out covers and all without soakers.  

I end up changing her about twelve or so times a day. I’ve even learned her signs of when she wees. She doesn’t stay in a wet diaper more than a few minutes.  We couldn’t help but notice when she poos because she just cries so. She’s on iron supplements and it’s not easy for her. I’ve noticed that the more I use cloth the more she enjoys a change and the more she wees while awake. It don’t always work out this way, she’s only six months, three adjusted but she really likes having a dry hinny. If she’s really wet she will whine in her sleep, even if she goes to bed with a disposable. We really are communicating, not quite elimination communication but I know when she wees and how often, how many parents can say that?

I don’t have to worry about a wet pail, I do dry pail. And the thing about rinsing a poo diaper, I still think it’s a good idea. It doesn’t have to be done but I prefer to do so. The folks that get so icky about bodily waste just drive me crazy, so lets not go there. Well…hold on…what would you use if there was no toilet paper?   😀  I have to wash every few days and I they come out just as clean as before. I dry mine in a dryer so maybe it is cheating. But I do miss sun bleaching and the scent of fresh diapers off the line. Once washed they don’t have an offencive odour. If they do…then something went wrong in the washing..not enough rinse or the machine is broke, unless you have AIO diapers which is another subject.

I finely found the Gerber vinyl diaper covers at the local Babys”R”Us. I remember these things from when my mom cloth diapered my sisters. I hadn’t thought they would be such a hassle, but they are! I don’t like her hinny getting all sweaty or to sit in wee for any amount of time. So I’m doing without them for now. They could be useful if I ever run out of disposables or have the in-laws over. One of these nights I’m going to get brave and try them overnight.  

My hubby still isn’t convinced in using cloth diapers. I laugh at how nervous he is in using the pins. Once you get the hang of it, it’s alright. But he’s not a convert at all. We still have disposables around and he tends to use them during weekends when he gets to watch her so I sleep in. Which is why I don’t fuss over what type of diaper she in! Besides with all the running around I do with her, I need to have an easy diapering system to carry with me. I’m all set to carry cloth now but not without a vinyl cover if she’s in a car seat for any length of time.  And she has to sit in that set sometimes over a hour, bummer.

I feel better already for ranting. On to the next rant……..
when the urge hits.

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