She’s 6 months Old!!

It’s official. She is six months old. However her development is adjusted to three months old. In either case I’ve got a reason to celebrate.  
Yea Emy!!   So I when out and bought her some toys. Not much but I just had too. So now she’s got wrist  rattles and a crib mirror and I bought the spoons.  Oh yes I have the spoons.

Soon so very soon, I’ll be teaching her how to eat from a spoon.  Oh the Glory’s of a spoon!
 “Why a spoon, brother? …..  Because it will hurt more.”   Ahh  Monty Python Flashback

She’s gotten so big. When I placed her in the car seat, I was shocked how big she’s gotten. I hadn’t really taken her anywhere in a few weeks now. I had to adjust the harness. Heck I really haven’t used the swing either. Not since she’s shown that she can sit if propped up. I can’t wait to see how much she weights now. That will come when she has her next check up and shots.

Alrighty I’m tuckered out.


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2 Responses to She’s 6 months Old!!

  1. srturtle says:

    Yay Emy! ^_^
    Enjoy teaching her how to eat from a spoon! 😀

  2. mystikseeker says:

    The Spoon
    Oh man I remember teaching my kids to eat with a spoon! All I have to say is keep lots of wipes and napkins handy and enjoy the experience!

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