Growing an Emy

Emy’s been talking more. Lots of coos and cries, that sounds oh so sweet. Even when she starts up crying, it doesn’t frustrate me. In fact it makes me smile just to hear her voice and her strong lungs working. It makes me smile to hear her complaints and her wants. I think we’ve gotten a rhythm down. Most of the time I know what’s wrong. Still can’t get that bottle to her fast enough for her liking.

That’s her biggest complaint…feed me and feed me more. Iol For the last month I’ve been using cloth diapers during the day and daddy switches to disposables at night. Well it’s bit me in the ass. Now she wants the disposables changed right after she’s pee’d it. It will still be dry but she’s not happy until you check it like your changing her. I do think that potty training her, when it’s time will be no problem at all. She doesn’t like a wet didee, at all.

Today I broke out one of the baby gyms. The one that she’s has to grab the rings over top of her. I didn’t grab the camera at all. She took to it ok. Up until she decided she had enough and it was feed me now!  But I think she liked it. She did some smacking of the rings but I not so sure how much was random and how much was her working.

I really don’t know what I should be doing with her day to day. So often she’s a turkey putting mommy out while she gets to sleep right on top of me. Oh she’s so turkeyish….that’s my baby. Gosh I’m so proud of her, I’m gushing.

OK, I cooked dinner and now just waiting for it to cool. I really don’t know how to play with her. I’ve done the it’s bitys spider…done the body parts…blow lots of raspberry’s on her belly and give her lots of kisses. I sing to her, “You are my Sunshine,” “Rock a Bye Baby,” and “Twinkle Twinkle.” I don’t know many nursery songs. I’ve done “patty cake” and now I’m out of ideas. I try really hard to remember that even though she’s approaching six months old she’s really only approaching three months in development.

OK I’m going to go eat dinner. Latter.


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