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Weather Manipulation -August 10th 2007

I recently ran across a situation in my Grove that I thought might make a decent discussion related to paganism in general. In Maryland we are in somewhat of a severe drought (though this week we’ve been blessed with a decent sprinkle of rain, after I don’t know how many months). For Lughnasadh last weekend, I had suggested our prayer for ritual be towards a balance in the weather. I never mentioned asking for rain, but many of my Grove mates were very paranoid and jumped in saying that we should never do rain “magic” and other such arguments.

We finally did settle for balance and harmony in all things, but what are your thoughts on even mentioning weather in your ritual/magical workings? I’ve always been under the opinion that you have to be careful what you ask for, but if you are very specific and keep in mind the Law of Balance, that you’d be fine.

My thoughts: I have no problems working weather magic. I don’t have a problem trying to obtain something that I need, as in this case some rain. Working it from the perspective of weather balance is a noble endeavor but what are the consequences to that? Will the magic interpret it to balance the whole world so you can have a balance in the weather were you are at? Besides do you really want a balance to the weather across the whole world? Rain forest and deserts exist because there is an imbalance.

My rule of thumb is if I’d pray for it, then I’d do a ritual for it. Some magic is created by us and there is magic that is created by the “greater whole.” what ever you may call it. Weather magic is a bit of both with a dash of chaos.

Even with the best protective clause, the letter of the workings just may not even match the intent of it. On top of it all, I don’t think you can rule out all possible miss-renderings of your intentions. So, I focus on my intent and the let the consequences occur.

Does this mean that I don’t think about how my actions may effect others? Not at all. What it means is that “as above, as below” has more meaning for me. The magical and the mundane is the same. How I act in the mundane world is the same way I act in the magical world. I would do the working for rain, if that is what I need. It surely doesn’t mean that I’d get what I want.


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