God and Preemies

I was just reading over at The Preemie Experiment blog about how her

“wish is that we all can have an honest discussion about how having a child born premature (or the loss of a preemie) has changed our views on prayer/religion and spirituality.”

She’s disabled comments to that post more likely for good reason:like having 88 comments. I haven’t ran into many religious issues about having a preemie. There was the preacher who liked coming into the NICU from time to time. We chatted but not about religion. And he was more than welcome to pray for her rather than for me anytime.

The only real stinger I ran into has been online. In one of the various preemie sites there was a inspirational letter getting passed around called “How preemie parents get chosen.” Now that piece of tripe pissed me off more than anything ever could. If it’s helped you, fine. Just know that it was the most offencive piece of work I’ve ever read.

I know I’m coming from a point of view that makes the piece non-sense to me but gees….God choosing to harm children and parents is about all I can see from it. Yes, I’m not so heartless that I didn’t cry when I read it…but afterwards I got raging mad. Having lived and believed within that viewpoint, it still would not have comforted me.

There are just so many different things so wrong with it from a religious pov.


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