August Updates.

Things have been going good with Emy. I’m still fighting her to get her to take her medicine in the morning. I don’t blame her, the stuff is so very bitter tasteing. She’s on prevercet now and its a once daily thing. But damn…it’s so bitter. She starts to wimper when she sees the dropper.  But she’s been a trooper with it. She swallows it and most of the time doesn’t spit it out. The days that she does….we are in for it.

Her alarms have been very low. Almost to the point I’m just about to forget what it sounds like. That was until this afternoon, it went off with high heart rate. I guess stil having high heart rate alarms is better than anything else.  It’s as good as it gets. This time she’s been sleeply and not wanting finish a feeding. Eats an ounce and then falls alsleep….silly goose. She’s so beautful when she sleeps.

My little angel. She sleeps like Mommy.

I worry about her milestones. She’s a bit more alert now…..when she isn’t going threw a growth spurt. She will follow us with her eyes now and is more relyable in turning her head toward sound. And man, her startle reflex is still there. She’s gotten so much better holding her head up now. She can do that with no problems. Sitting up is still…lol floppy.  I’m so proud of her.


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