August 8th

I’ve a bit neglectful to post I see. Things have been busy around here again. Emy is still the center of life here even if she doesn’t know it yet. My little sweetheart has been adjusting to the new med for her gerd. The stuff is so damn bitter even after it was flavored that it’s a fight to get her to take it. I do think she is learning that if she takes it that her days are a bit better. At least I can see improvement with her on it. I have no doubt that she’s got some bad reflux. Losing a feed each morning is bound to upset things and have a generally sour tummy all day makes a sad baby.

Today was a happy day. No lost feed and generally happy all day long. The difference, I got her to take most of her med this morning. She’s learning that she needs to swallow instead of spit it out. I hope that this isn’t a flux and that she get’s it now. Otherwise I have no choice but to keep trying, happy baby or sad.

In other news, I ran into a site called “43 things” and it inspired me to create my own list. LOL However I’m not sharing that list. I can’t quite believe that folks are signing up and creating these lists for the whole world to see. For me there are things on my list that are so private I don’t want to show anyone. heeheehee.   So take a look around, you won’t be seeing mine up there.

I finely restarted my sourdough. I mixed a batch up and now I get to wait. I went ahead and beat air into so I could have a chance to get it start faster. I’m following S. John Ross’s site on sourdough for the basics. It’s a really good site, the best that I’ve found; on how to make a great sourdough.

So I’ve got another pet. I’ve got to feed it tomorrow night. Throw out half of it and add 1/2 cups flour and 1/2 cups water to it and let it sit again. I’ve got it going in a reused potato salad container. I had to wait till we cleaned it out. It looks to be a sturdy container, microwave safe and best of all recycled!!

I’ve also been saving grease and clarifying it. I’m hopeing I’ll get a chance soon to make my little oil lamps again. When I do, I’ll be ready with some oil. It’s not olive oil, which I prefer, but it’s cheaper. If I end up needing any oil, I’ll have some on the cheap which is always a plus. Hurricane season is on us and I wonder if this urge to save oil isn’t due to that. I like to be able to keep going even if everyone else is ground to a halt. We haven’t brought our hurricane lamps from storage either. There the best way I like to add light to the house when the power is out.  But those little clay lamps have a special feel too.


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