Happy Happy

So far so good. It was really great to have Jeff’s parants here for the holidays. They really enjoyed their granddaughter. I got a chance to be something other than her personal bed, which I don’t mind being. I’ve gotten a bit more comfortable with them as I get to know them after all these years.

But Emy’s doing good. We had a doc appt Monday and everything is looking good. She weighed in a 7lbs 15ozs again. So I know she’s an eight pounder by now. lol She got one hell of an appitate, always a hungrey babe. We not haveing any major problems with the reflux. I can tell that she still has it. It’s just that now she’s not reacting like before. A lot less bradys, less crying, I can put her down to sleep most nights and she’s generaly happier as I see it.

I’ve gotten back to takeing more pictures. She’s getting big fast. Already she’s starting to grab and hold the bottle up. She’s gotten better at sucking her thumb. Her neck is so much stronger, she can look you in the eye when being held to the chest. She still gets that head to bobbing after a while but that’s nothing new. lol Oh her eyes….she watches daddy when he moves around. It’s really neat to see her looking like that. I’m proud of her. The last visit with the eye doc said that the surgery was a success as much as it could be, but we still have to hold our breath about her eyes. Even now anything could happen. 

I am amazed by her flexablity of personality. I was afraid that she’d get attached to the pasifier. Most other preeimes that I’ve read about don’t seam to be able to change with ease. But I switched her passy and now she’s using a standard Playtex Ortho Pro. I’m happy about it as I don’t have to chase down the manifuaters of the passy that NICU uses. I tried to switch her back yesterday and well she didn’t want it. Oh she knows…she knows. Gods, she’s a bright one.

Well it’s way late and I’m goin to wrap this up:
May the Gods bless you.


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