Doctors, Doctors, Doctors

I declare that this week is the week of Doctors. Monday we had to go see my doctor, her doctor and then the hospital to do another newborn screening test. Yesterday we saw a specialist, a lung doctor and today we see her eye doctor and Thursday we go see my doctor again.

The visit to the pediatrician went better than last time. My opinion of the woman has not changed. I still find her to be arrogant as a doctor and I know now that it’s her personality and bedside manner that could really use the help. She’s the type that does not want to work with the parents but want to guide and control all of the interaction. She is going to be hard to work with when the time comes that I need to fight for Emy. Right not I’m being careful on what battles I pick. I don’t want to fight the insurance company yet, I’d rather save if for the really important issues.

Yesterdays visit to the pulmonologist went very well. Emy’s lungs sound good, her O2 stats are still high and she’s growing long and heavy. She’s now 6 lbs 15 ozs and about 25 inches long. I like this particular doctor. She’s a much older woman but she comes across very personable and understanding. She asked a lot of questions about Emy’s behavior and feeding habits, she listened to my worries and gave feedback. She also has my gratitude for she proscribed Zantac for Emy. After giving her the first dose I notice an immediate change in behavior. She’s been calmer, happier and now I can lay her back down without her crying out in pain. Her little fists aren’t balled up now and she’s not wearing daddy’s frown.  And I can finely get my poor butt off that chair. I was starting to think that me and the couch was going to merge and become some strange creature. 

Today, well this afternoon we are going to the eye doctor. I am not looking forward to this. They tell me to be ready for a two hour stay. Her eyes are going to be dilated for the exam and it’s never pleasant to watch. The timing is a bit off for us. It’s right in the middle of a feed before and a feed after. Emy is always a bit tore up after these exams. She tends to sleep the next day, all day barely waking for feeds.
I’m very glad we got the Zantac in her system.

As for me, we are trying to bring my PT levels back down. It had gotten up to 4.5 and it had the doctors concerned.  I had blood drawn Monday and I’ve got to go back Thursday. Through out all of this, my dosages have changed many times. Now I’m on 5 mg of coumadin and I don’t expect it to stay that way. I can’t wait to see that Doc again because I want to go back to taking my vitamins. I’m feeling better in my leg, no pain and no stiffness and no soreness. Somedays I forget that I even had a problem. Lately my heart has been feeling better, not so heavy but with a little salt in my system…sigh it changes. Even coffee causes it to get a little heavy. If this is just a symptom of high blood pressure I really don’t want to know what if would feel like to be at those levels. Each blood pressure reading has me just at high normal for the reading. I know that my blood pressure before hand, before pregnancy was low normal.  I can’t wait to be off this drug so I can see if it’s the drug causing the elevation.


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