Changing Direction

It’s been ages sense I’ve used this blog. I’ve been doing a lot of writing on the livejournal site about mostly personal family things. Most often about my daughter who was born prematurely. For a long time I’ve been wanting to keep a journal dedicated to religious topics and this is the blog I’m going to do that with. This blog has features that will help me in this endeavour, like the lovely save draft feature.

That want has been growing for a long time and it’s reached it’s peak with the birth of my daughter. I’m not so sure that I’m going to raise her without any religious guidance. I fully prefer and accept that only an adult can make the decision on what if any religion to follow. I’m just not too sure how that translates when raising a child. At some point kids ask about God and Goddess and the nature of the universe. Other kids are going to try to convert her, just because that is the way they are being raised. So what am I to do about this?

What guidance does a child need about religion? I know the values I want to raise her with and they really don’t have a thing to do with deity at all. Good basic values are universal. I know she’s not going to understand that mommy has different beliefs than most of her future classmates and their parents. I don’t want to hide my beliefs and practices from her but I’m also a bit reluctant to share this practice with her.
I guess I’m the most reluctant Pagan parent that has ever lived.


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