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I posted this to a fourm that I joined. I think it really explains what I’m going through.

Hi, I’m Jessie, mom to Emily a 26 week preemie born in March. I had PROM at 25 wks and 3 days for reasons unknown and went into labor at 25 wks and 5 days and Emily was born at exally 26 wks. We just came home on the 14th with a monitor for bradys. Her birth weight was 2 lbs and 2.3ozs and now she’s 6 lbs and 10 ozs as of Monday. We had a few complications in NICU, 105 day stay; no brain bleeds, no seizures just three infections (one in lung and two in blood) and extended time on the ventilator, CPAP and cannula. She’s got ROP and we already have done the laser surgery and we are still keeping our fingers crossed because so far is it looks good. She also has GER(D) and we are doing what we can to manage that without medication. It seams that the records list her as having BPD but I’m finding out alot of things were not discussed with us about her health status. The hospital discharged her without any medications and with few instructions which is causing some problems with her new pediatrician.

I somehow got on the wrong foot with her new doctor, a pediatrician who has experience with preemies. One of the first things she says is that she hasn’t had a chance to review her folder as the summery was
sent only yesterday. OK, she was only discharged five days ago. The nurse had already did the weight in, and she’d gained about an ounce a day sense being discharged. So we start the review to catch doc up
to date and everything starts to fall apart.

She had a fit when I told her that the hospital told me to feed her on demand with no restriction on intake and to not let her go beyond six hours without feeding. The hospital had already been feeding her on demand for a week and she had been taken 3 oz on occasion. I had continued to do the same at home. I was sent home with the 3 oz nursette bottles and there was a few time she’d consume the whole thing. But the next few feeds she’d only eat 1.5 oz so I figured it balanced out.

But this doctor could not let go of the words “3 ozs” and had a fit. She told me a lot of things but in essences she wanted her to eat only 2 ozs at a time every four hours. OK. So while I’m stareing at this lady, she starts up with the “we don’t have to see each other, you have the right to choose another doctor, you have to trust me” spiel. At this point I’m not even sure what happened much less what caused her to go on that tangent. I couldn’t even explain why she took 3 ozs or even how often it had been. She didn’t even want to look at the daily intake totals I have, or the notes of the feedings and activities or even the monitor records I’ve kept.

She had a fit with how long we were nursing her. It’s taken anywhere from 20 mins to 45 mins to nurse her. She has to be burped often and that takes time to work one out. The doctor wanted her to nurse only 30 min and no longer. OK, how is that going to work? I couldn’t even explain what I meant by 45 min and that we found out that as new parents there is more to working a bottle that was previously thought..Tightening it down too much over works her and lengthens the feeds. Not to mention when making formula it’s not desirable to make it really foamy when mixing the powder and that we shouldn’t give up without a burp otherwise she will lose her feed.

Then we went into going over the medications she was on in the hospital. OK the list is long and I don’t even know all of them. I do remember a few of the main ones; just don’t ask me to spell them. This hospital was real big on not letting the parents see the charts and as I’m starting to learn, they weren’t even into telling the whole truth about what was going on. I took a peak at the medical summery after the visit before leaving and to say the least, I was shocked.

And the doctor is again having a fit because I was sent home without any prescriptions. She says the I should have been sent home on “Fer in Sol” and that it’s important for brain development. I’m like what the heck is that? Now I know it’s Iron drops but good grief and here I was thinking iron was for blood development. She questions me about this a good three, four times before getting it, that she was sent home medication free no matter what her charts in front of her says…

And then says it’s available on-shelf, but it’s not. It’s a special order item and I checked every pharmacy here and most of them didn’t even know what I was talking about. I didn’t even get a chance to go over what formula Emily is on, which is Enfamil, 22 cal with Iron formula.

That was pretty much the end of seeing that doctor for the visit. And yes there was a lot more said but I only gave the high lights here. I felt so flabbergasted that I couldn’t even go over the things I wanted to ask. I couldn’t even remember them because I really was in a deep cold rage towards that doctor even thought I had bit my tongue and swallowed it. I don’t understand her reactions and I don’t know if she’s worth continue seeing. I found the doctor to be overbearing, arrogant and on a power trip but maybe that’s just my emotions talking. I need someone with knowledge and if she’s got it, is she even worth trying to work it out with her? Is this how new mothers are treated on the first visit? I must admit, that doctor shattered my baby-moon with my daughter and completely shattered any trust I could have had in her. I would love honest opinions, suggestions and advice. Was this a normal/typical visit?


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