Of course, it’s Emy

Yep I’m got mommy brain. The only thing I can talk about is my daughter. I’ve been going every night to see her and well get some holding time in. I do her 9o’clock feedings and it’s a special time for me and her. Tonight it was a different nurse that I’m not used to. She handed me the bottle and it had a NUK® Newborn Orthodontic Nipple nipple on it. I’ve never feed Emy with that type of nipple. So I asked about it. Somehow I just don’t believe her, yes I’ve got a very distrustful soul. She said that the shift before had tried it out. The thing is Emy had just managed to take all her feeding with a Enfamil® Standard-Flow Soft Nipple. She’s been doing good with it for several days. I’m not even worried about her choking with that nipple like I had been when we started doing bottle feedings.

Ah..I don’t know. I think the nurse just told me something so she wouldn’t have to answer questions. lol This is just another example of why I don’t like night shift. The nurses I bond with…I never get them again which is a shame. I got to admit, those I bond with, are good nurses and are in demand.

I do think I’m going to make it a point to demand the standard flow nipple. She does well with it and unless someone can tell me a good reason why I shouldn’t stay with it, I’m going to keep using it. I can’t breastfeed her so that’s not a reason to keep the Nuk nipple.

Just so mommy can remember and so grandma can know, doc’s still have her on Enfamil® EnfaCare® LIPIL® 22 Cal formula. She’s doing good with it. She’s spitting up less now, her bradys are way down. She had one during the day so she’s getting there. Still getting breathing treatments, iron and Reglan for the reflux. Still being kept in an issolet. They haven’t moved her to a open bassinet yet. I’m starting to wonder why. I can’t figure out what would be the hold up….unless they intend to transfer her home from the issolet.
Would they do that?

I know she does good out of the issolet. I get reports of nurses just taking her out and walking her around. Emy seams to like it. I know she’s done good with the bouncer they’ve been using for her reflux.
I have a feeling that the count-down for home is going to start soon.


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