Emy, Emy, Emy…..(grins)

It’s as if my heart would just dance in the clouds after holding her. I look forward to holding her all day, just to spend one hour with her in my arms. Tonight’s 9o’clock feeding went good. She took 20mls without really trying and on a regular nipple to boot. I wasn’t pushing her to take the whole bottle because the feeding before she had been fed by bottle and had taken it all. So I was really lucky to try to bottle feed her this time. THANK YOU NURSE. Well we got a note on her issole letting day shift know, “hey mom wants to feed her too.” LOL

She’s gotten much bigger. 5lbs and 5.1ozs and she’s looking good. She still has bradys but they aren’t so bad anymore. She off the nasal cannula again, Yah! But I’ve seen her come off just to go back on it. I feel cautious about it. She’s still dealing with reflux. They weened her off on of her meds so we shall see how that works out. The nurses have even been useing a bouncer to help her with the reflex after a feeding. I’m told that she likes being out and able to look around. All I can think is, “yep, that’s my girl.”

I’ve got infant CPR class on June 6 to take. I’m glad to have the training. Just yesterday bottle feeding her she starting choking right in the middle of a burping session. Scary. I’m glad the nurses are there.

This weekend we’ve got a lot done. Primed her bedroom, primed kitchen, even got a cabinet up. Still got plenty to finish and now we’re on a time table. We’ve got to be done before she comes home. I’m so excited…I feel she’s just around the corner and before I know it she’ll be ready. Oh…I can’t wait to have her home.


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