Intro Post to Parenting forum. Part 3

WOW, I’ve had a busy weekend, much more than I’m used too. Saturday we had the company’s family picnic to go too and that wore me out. I was surprised.

While there I found out that friend’s of ours son was in the hospital. We had expected them to show up at picnic but they never did. He’s only nine months old and turns out he has a serious case of croup. He had been admitted to CHKD on the Peninsula and was transferred overnight to CHKD in Norfolk. We visited with them yesterday and he’s getting better. He was able to go home this afternoon.

We had canceled on my husband’s aunt Saturday just to come home to some more friend’s of ours sitting on our porch. They had camped us out! And they were fully expecting to stay the night. Shortened version; friends from high school, have a high strung four year old daughter and live with her mother which is the cause of stress to all involved and grandmother. Which is why they were sitting at my door, running from her mother.

Saturday night I went to see Emy and of course everybody wants to come. Turns out there is some good news. They took her off the vent and have on the nasal cannula, 2L pressure & 35% O2 as of this afternoon. This is the fourth time around. She was so touchy when I saw her. Her heart rate kept dropping back and fourth. At least she was recovering on her own without dropping her O2 stats. I quickly shooed everyone home. I’m glad I’ve gotten in the habit of going in first.

To cut this short, I end up staying up late. I got to bed at 4am and back up by 11am and just got them to leave by 9pm. She can not take a hint at all. I’m wore out and I’m not going through this next weekend. My weekend was all shot up by this. I’ve got nothing done that I wanted.
I guess I’m done complaining. So to answer a few questions…..

Are you on the peninsula?

Yes I am. Newport News actually and Emy is at Riverside.

Secondly, are you military???….your reference to returning to full duty

No. As I’m still on maternity leave, I work for a local general contractor was/as a Carpenter’s apprentice. The thing about not back to full duty is that when I requested to go on light duty as per doctors orders, I was put out on maternity. LOL So at my 6 week check up I tried to get clearance to go back to full duty, they wouldn’t give it. They would give me light duty which is worthless to me at this point. I can’t go back to work until the doc’s clear me for full duty. With my line of work anything less is dangerous.

Which sucks. I know I had a c-section, I just want to know when I’ll be strong enought to work again. I’ve always worked very physical jobs and the prospect of not going back is already driving me nuts. Well I’m heading to bed… I do hope that I can continue to chat with everyone here.


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