Intro post to a Paranting fourm: Kinda explains what happened Part 2

Thank you guys for all the kind words.

As to the questions…
I don’t have a medical background. I wouldn’t call being an amateur herbalist as having a medical background. I do alot of research, on the net and the library. Besides it’s my daughter. I want to know what’s going on with her and what they are doing. I’m going to learn as fast as I can.

They are a bit reluctant to try kangaroo at this time with her. It really has limited my time with her. I’m having to build a repoar with each nurse and slowly work on each one as to when I can hold her. It hasn’t been very successful. As long as she on the vent they will be reluctant.

Emily’s not in CHKD. It turns out that my hospital has a level 3 NICU and she isn’t the only one there. I’ve already watch babies come in with earlier gestational ages and I’ve seen the graduates leave. It was just yesterday that I saw for the first time that a baby died. I’ve been in there watching and waiting for 51 days.

As to pictures, I’m keeping a photobucket account open especially for my in-laws. They live in Florida so it’s hard for them to make it up here often. I was surprised that I couldn’t send them the pictures via email. My pics are too big so be forewarned if you have a slow connection. I’ve tied the link to Emy’s name in my signature.


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