Baby and Religion

Just last month I found out that I’m pregnant. Life has taken a big swing in direction sense then. I’ve quit smoking, can’t drink coffee and eating better than I ever have in my life. Truthfully because I’ve had too….. morning sickness was aggravated by smoking and coffee and my bowels couldn’t take not going for a week anymore. I rather like being regular, and the better food was actually staying down unlike my pre-pg fare.

Then the other night my husband brought up religion and the baby. I had so carefully avoided this subject…I just figured that I’d let it be and see what happens. It seams to me that he wants to make sure that I don’t teach our child that my views are the only views on religion. But at the same time it’s also like he wants to avoid coloring the child’s religious views one way or the other.

I’m not so sure what he is expecting. But when do kids start asking about God and religion? What are the first questions, and does my husband want me to hide or withhold my answers?

Don’t kids need some sort of guidance in this department?


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