Darn Day started out good…

I got laid this morning and twice last night. Yea!! But…..

My car is broke. About a month ago I bought a ’88 BMW and until today it was running good. I even had taken a road trip to Florida just last week with it. Today it stalled out on me on I64 and I had to get it towed home.

I think it’s the fuel pump that’s broke but we’ll see.

So I spent the day on the net catching up on my reading. I do more reading than I do working on my websites. “Shame on me!” Ah…but I am shameless. It’s more fun to read.

Otherwise I’m in a really good mood. Got techno on almost all day. Good stuff. Never get much of a chance to relax and hear it play.

So I missed Beltane this year. lol Or did I? (don’t ask..this is as close as I get to bragging.) Road trip took care of that. Saw my sister and in-laws. I miss my in-laws. Good folks they are. Didn’t get much sleep the whole time and I won’t call the trip relaxing. It was hectic but in a good sort of way. Even got to see the Florida forest fire!!


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