This winter me and my husband have built a raised garden bed on the side yard. It’s about 4 foot by 8 foot long. That bed is going to be the main vegetable bed. So yesterday afternoon I purchased seeds from Home Depot. Got a nice slection if I may say so.

My little collection so far:

Onion- Evergreen Long White Bunching
Cucumber- Bush Champion
Bean- Kentucky Wonder Green Pole Snap
Squash- Burpee’s Hybrid Zucchini
Lettuce- Burppe Bibb
Lettuce- Burpee’s Gourmet Blend
Tomato- Super Sweet 100 Hybrid
Tomato- Burpee’s Big Boy Hybrid
Brussels Sprouts- Catskill
Snowpea- Snowbird
Pepper- California Wonder
Radish- Cherry Belle

While I was there, I just had to pick up Herbs and flowers too. So here they are…

Catnip, Parsley, Common Thyme, Garlic Chives, True Lavender, Common Sage, Spearmint, Rosemary.

Four O’Clocks, Canterbury Bells, Portulaca, Coleus- Rainbow mix, Convolvulus- Blue Enchantment, Nasturtium- Jewel Mix.

In days I’ll be starting seeds indoors for all of this. I really want to get a jump on the spring season this time around.


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