It’s Hot

It’s Hot in Hampton Roads. At 4 pm it’s 100 degrees where I live and it’s been this way for a week or so now. I’m exhausted with the weather. I’ve been going out in it each day searching for work. I’ve been coming home drenched. My husband, Gods keep his strength up; has been working in this heat each and ever day outside.

But that’s the real news on our home front. We did get a trailer, a run down little thing. Lots of problems but couldn’t beat the price. We just got the oven fixed last week and now it’s too hot to bother with cooking. Things are a mess around here. I can’t wait to have a job that brings in something so we can fix this place up.

Few weeks ago I ordered a bunch of seed catalogs. I wanted to get a jump on planting next year and boy oh boy do they have me drooling all over the pages. Glossy color photos, close up shots and lots of bright colors ll had me ready to send off my order right that moment. But I can’t. I don’t have it to spend. I’ve got plans instead.

I’m looking at doing everything in containers. I can’t go digging in the ground at this trailer park, lots of underground things I don’t want to hit. But I want a shade garden, due to the fact I’m surrounded by eight trees. I know I’m going to do a vegetable garden, raised bed style. Still haven’t finalized which ones to plant still.

Well I think that’s all for the moment. Stay Cool!!


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