Just got back from the campgrounds Monday. I had a wonderful time out there for the last 19 or was it 21 day? Either way it was an interesting experience and one I wouldn’t mind doing again. The fact is I just might get that chance.

Why? Because me and my husband are currently working homeless. The good part to this is that we have very good friends who put us put when we can’t stay at the campgrounds and that in all of this my husband still has his job which he’s had for nine years.

I am, however, starting to get frustrated. I want a home, somewhere to live where I can lock the door and go out and about without having to worry about someone just grabbing our stuff. Not to say that breaks in don’t occur, they do. I can’t have a job right now because I don’t even know if I’d be able to make it any location once we keep bouncing back and fourth. I’d love to put up my altar again but………. argh.

We can’t file for bankruptcy, not Ch 7 or Ch 13. We have the wrong kind of bills, and once we find a place again I am more that sure that we can afford to pay the bills off in a few years. I wasn’t to pay them off. They are owed and it’s not their fault that we can’t currently pay them. We are just living hand to mouth at the moment.

To anyone who might think, “well she’s got a web journal then she’s spending money somewhere it doesn’t belong”, You would be wrong. I don’t have paid access to the web. Between friends computers and their internet access and what I can get at a the library I’ve been able to maintain access on a sporadic basis. I will do my best to get access once we are setup again but frankly that’s not going to be a cause of interference on bills. Bundled package with the phone company is the way I’m going to go.

Sooner or later things will change. I am praying that this time the change will be in our favor.

Brightest Blessings to you and yours, Isa.


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  1. ScorpionTear says:

    Stupid society won’t let you file for bankruptcy…

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