You’re Gonna Be Okay

It’s been a rough day for me. It took some finding but I found this. I just want to hold on.
Things will get better. Yes? Yes.

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Easy Come Easy Go

Nothing to watch here, just some tunes for a Thursday evening. So much in the news lately it’s hard to pick what to talk about. From the Prez to the Smoky Bandit (may he rest in peace) the wheel of time keeps rolling on. So if your heart feels a little bleak, let this perk it up and get those feet to tapping and your face to smiling, once again.

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Jaymes Young – Tied Down

This ought to be the theme song for all the rope Masters out there just because anytime I hear the phrase ‘tied down’ I tend to think of flying rope bunnies. Maybe that’s just me? Besides this is packed tight with hot male vocals! Awesome!

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Jome – Cinnamon

Nice soft lovely song for the afternoons.

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LUMINESCENT (Harpe & Handpan) – NUAGES

To soothing sounds of harp and, okay I don’t know what that upside down steel drum is called. I think it’s a steel drum but together they sound magical. Very peaceful.

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Kygo & Imagine Dragons – Born To Be Yours

Midday Jam Session! Enjoy!

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Tom Leeb- Can’t Say No

Good morning. Here’s some soft music to start your day.

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